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SUPER Consumers

‘SUPER Consumers’ stands for S-ustained, U-pbeat, P-rotected, E-mpowered and R-esponsible Consumers. It is envisioned to elevate the level of consciousness of consumers from mere simple consumers who are just concerned of their basic needs to a more conscious, socially-oriented, morally accountable, and empowered consumers.  It introduces the 7 Distinctions of SUPER Consumers.’ Strategically, this project aims to achieve the performance indicators of Major Final Output (MFO) 4 on advocacy, constituency building, project development and information packages.


Basically, SUPER Consumer Project is DTI Region 12’s response to the result of studies and surveys on the agency’s consumerism advocacies; feedback from consumer groups and clients; comments from the media; among others.  Overall, there is a need to act proactively through establishment of mechanisms that could be measured as well as conduct of proactive activities that would impact the ultimate beneficiaries, the consumers.


a.    SUPER Consumers Collateral and Advocacies

Tarpauline ads, posters, flyers, and bookmarks on SUPER Consumers will be reproduced and would be available year-round.  Souvenir-inspired mugs, T-shirts, pins, and other memorabilia would likewise be produced.

b.    SUPER Consumer Portal

An inter-active website in partnership with the Federation of Consumer Organizations in Region 12.

c.    SUPER Consumer Post

A complement of the portal, Consumer12 Post serves as its monthly print publication.

d.    SUPER Consumers on Tri-Media

Maximize the local media networks: print, radio, and broadcast.



a.    Mobile Audio-Visual Presentation to Consumers and Business Sector cum OPeration DiagnosiS on Business Regulation (MAP-OPS)

This would mobilize the SUPER Consumer Implementation Team in reaching the grass roots.  This will address one of the root causes of weak consumer welfare and protection efforts – resource constraints.  Consequently, this component project requires for the provision of one (1) LCD Projector and seven (7) Laptops. (A proposal is also submitted to another funding agency for the possible grant of a service vehicle, a Multicab).



a.    Regional Monitoring and Enforcement

SUPER RMTs (Regional Monitoring Teams) will be deployed.  Enforcement activities under this project would be on top of the target set for the Office.

b.    SUPER ConsumerNet

The result of MFO 4 interfaces have shown that the DTI has been burdened with programs on caring for consumers.  While consumer protection has been synonymous with DTI but to strengthen the synergy of cooperation in the local ConsumerNet is a priority.

c.    Operation Discounts for Special Sectors

Elderly people and persons with disabilities should be assured of access to discounts as provided by laws.  Firm-based Compliance Fora will be conducted region-wide along with the continuing implementation of the Kaagapay Establishment Program, RODG’s 2009 SPRINTS Most Innovative Idea Awardee.



a.    Consumer Organization Revitalization, Development and Strengthening (CORDS) Program

Yardstick of success in this project component would be as to how many consumer organizations (COs) will be accredited in accordance to DAO 10.

b.    SUPER Consumer Clubs (School-based)

A well-informed consumers are the best protected consumers.  Consumers who know how to use their rights and responsibilities are empowered consumers.  And among the thrusts is to start consumer empowerment thru the academe.

c.    SUPER Consumer Clusters (Sectoral-based)

Create, organize or integrate.  Bring SUPER consumerism into the mainstream.  All field offices of DTI Region 12 to either create an organizations that will carry the principles of SUPER Consumerism or integrate the practice of the 7 Distinctions of SUPER Consumers in various sectoral organizations (youth, women, senior citizens, local government officials, or multi-sectoral).



a.    SUPER Consumers Quiz Bee

The quiz bee should be institutionalized. Officials of secondary schools in the region consider this annual undertaking as an avenue for the youth to nurture themselves towards developing into responsible consumers in their adulthood.

b.    SUPER Consumers Poster Making Contest

This is a revival of the previously successful poster making competitions.

c.    SUPER Consumer Blitz

Refers to tips and notes on consumerism made available thru the paging system of business establishments.

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