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DR. ME stands for Developmental Regulation in Monitoring and Enforcement.  DR. ME aims to achieve the outcome - Improved Compliance.
This strategy focuses on the following outputs:
  • Monitoring and Enforcement of Fair Trade Laws
  • Compliance on Accreditation, Licenses, and Permits mandates of DTI
  • Product Standards Implementation
  • Institutionalization of DTI-Certified Establishment Project
  • Access to Info Packages
The DTI is being measured by %age of compliance to Fair Trade Laws.  Hence, performance indicators include:
  • No. of Firms Monitored
  • No. of Warning Issued
  • No. of Formal Charges Issued
  • No. of Firms Penalized
Recently, two programs were conceptualized and which are now an institutions in proactive regulation strategy of the government, to wit:
  1. DTI Certified Establishment Program (2006, Nationwide)
  2. Kaagapay Establishment Program (2007, Region 12)